About inCoverstar forum

Welcome to the joint forum for inCoverStar.com and songtexte.co. Please read the rules here before jumping into posting.

inCoverstar forum aims to provide a discussion board for amateur or veteran musicians, songwriters and fans of music and lyrics, where they can elaborate about:

  • Playing instruments
  • Song meanings
  • Singing
  • Artist updates
  • Technology related to music (hardware and software)

Our vision is to provide a platform for all aspects of music.

inCoverstar is a YouTube verified website, listing videos of song covers made by YouTubers, providing filters for instruments used, the location of the musician and if the cover includes vocals or not. For more information on inCoverstar please click here.

Songtexte.co has been serving lyrics since 2017 for the community.

Please help us keep this forum clean by posting constructive criticism where needed, avoiding unrelated subjects and using a mild tone in your messages.

We hope you enjoy the forum as well as inCoverstar and Songtexte.co.